”The Stüttgens” continue the tradition: They have big plans for the hotel. Until august there will be considerable works of modernisation and renovation as well as a change of concept.

Sabine and Frank W. Stüttgen are transforming the traditional house in downtown Velbert into a comfortable hotel, offering the possibility for events and festivities up to seventy persons.

Velbert: Once upon a time, when the people of Velbert wanted to treat themselves with something extraordinarily good they would say: ”Let´s go to Stüttgen” and stopped at the Hotel Stüttgen in Friedrichstrasse, at the corner with Nedderstrasse. Hotel Stüttgen, in 1824 originally erected as a country inn and according to the typical architecture of the surrounding hills- the so called ”Bergisches Land” was taken over in 1897 by the Stüttgen family. As Velbert boomed after the turning of the century Stüttgens enlarged the building and so were able to fulfill the needs of the numerous business travellers.

”We would like to reopen in august this year and hope that we will succeed. Transforming an old building may offer you more than one surprise,” says Frank W. Stüttgen.

View from Friedrichstraße

There have been many well known guests at Stüttgen’s representing the arts, showbiz, theatre and of course politics. Even Chanceler Otto von Bismarck stayed at the hotel for a regular reserved table and more than one of the VIPs added to little Frank’s pocket money when he carried their baggage into the rooms.

Now, after his father’s death, Frank W. Stüttgen, a skilled cook and holds a degree in business administration, decided to return to Velbert. Previous he had been working at a Frankfurt based bank for many years at the main responsible for the in house catering of several thousands of employees. Now, together with his wife Sabine, he wants to revive the activities at the renowned address and continue with the great tradition of Hotel Stüttgen, which was well known for beyond Velbert.

Until then there will still be a lot of things to do. Right now there is an immense hole in the middle of the building and you can see through up to the fourth floor. This is space for the future elevator. Nevertheless the historical wooden staircase will remain according to Frank W. Stüttgen. We want to keep the deadline of august this year.

Rooms can be booked for all kinds of events and festivities. Hotel Stüttgen offers 22 rooms, most of them of high standard. The restaurant however -contrary to the past- will exclusively be for the hotel guests. On the other hand, conveniences can be booked for private reunions or business meetings. Round tables, facilitating conversation will offer space up to 70 persons, who will be treated with music, individual and fresh cuisine.

”Besides that, clients may also book a premium chef de cuisine (one of Stüttgens Hotel partners) who may create a star menue- totally according to the clients wishes. From seminar to wedding, many ideas can be realized.”

Guests visiting Velbert for such an event and who really want to enjoy their time may also book rooms according to their needs. Stüttgens Hotel at Velbert is just perfectly located: In the middle of the triangle Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal easily accessive highway and just a few minutes away from the central bus station.
Camera controlled car park is also available.

This text is a free citation of an article by ”Westdeutsche Zeitung” of November 2017.